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Unify sales and marketing and go-to-market like Snowflake

Hillary Carpio and Travis Henry of Snowflake helped scale the go-to-market program behind one of the fastest growing software companies in history. Not satisfied with the traditional model of separate sales and marketing functions, they married both integrated, account-based, cross-functional teams that targeted and closed business at historic rates.

In Busting Silos: How Snowflake Unites Sales and Marketing to Win Its Best Customers, Carpio and Henry map out how you can do the same at scale. Learn to:

  • Turn your funnel upside down and stop wasting resources
  • Design a one-team GTM program, align people with strategy, and win buy-in
  • Deliver the right message at the right time to the right account
  • Scale your pilot to sell (and upsell) to enterprise heights

Whether you are building a new go-to-market motion or scaling an existing one, your ABM and sales development reps are likely siloed. To go to market at size, speed, and scale like Snowflake, that needs to change. Busting Silos is your roadmap to making it happen.



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Take a sneak peek into how you can start a One-Team GTM Approach.



As an experienced practitioner of Account-Based Marketing (ABM) and Account-Based Experience (ABX), I highly recommend “Busting Silos” to anyone looking for a practical guide to implementing a successful One-Team GTM strategy. The authors, Hillary Carpio and Travis Henry, have done a remarkable job of providing actionable insights and repeatable plays that readers can start working on right away, regardless of the size or stage of their business. What I appreciate most about this book is its focus on execution, not just high-level strategy. From building custom on-ramps to merging sales and marketing, to defining and running first big plays, and scaling the entire operation, the book provides a comprehensive and step-by-step approach that is both practical and effective. Whether you’re a doer, an ambitious tactician, or a B2B go-to-market leader of any level, “Busting Silos” is a must-read that will leave you with a field guide to executing an account-based strategy successfully.

Jon Miller

CMO at Demandbase, Cofounder at Engagio and Marketo

As a CMO, I understand the importance of having the tactical expertise needed to execute B2B pipeline generation. This has become fundamentally more critical as account-based motions have become a must-have instead of a nice-to-have. In Busting Silos, Hillary and Travis avoid the fluff and lay out the actionable playbooks that revenue teams need to succeed.

Latane Conant

CMO, 6sense

Everything I do as a global sales leader is in concert with my partners in marketing. Busting Silos offers a masterclass on building and strengthening those cross-functional relationships, for GTM teams of all sizes.

Laura Palmer

Global Vice President of Sales, Unity

Hillary and Travis have both advised hypergrowth companies and VC accelerators, demonstrating how to not only strategize, but activate GTM teams. Now sharing their coveted playbooks publicly, their book, Busting Silos, is the missing piece for both startups and enterprises looking to efficiently scale.

Mark Roberge

Co-Founder @ Stage 2 Capital, Prof @HarvardHBS; Former CRO @HubSpot; Author of Best Seller “The Sales Acceleration Formula”

Busting Silos is all about challenging what you think ABM is, then multiplying it by 100. Hillary and Travis are spot on in their introduction of one-team GTM as the future for sales and marketing alignment.

Sangram Varje

CEO, GTM Partners and WSJ best selling author of MOVE

As an operator and advisor for hypergrowth companies, I constantly see GTM leaders struggle with distilling high-level strategy down to relentless execution. Busting Silos is a case study and manual for doing exactly that from one of the most respected GTM motions in the industry.

Karan Singh

Partner, Revenue Excellence, Sapphire Ventures

About the Authors

Hillary is an award-winning B2B Marketer, best known for her leadership and innovation in Account Based Marketing. She spearheaded the ABM function at Snowflake through its record-breaking IPO, creating multi-tiered strategies and integrated cross-functional processes to scale for hypergrowth. In addition to her leadership role at Snowflake, her experience spans Fortune 1000 organizations, NetApp and Fortinet, as well as go-to-market advisory via VC’s and startup advisory boards. Hillary’s super power is her ability to activate cross-functional teams toward a common goal to multiply their impact together. She resides in the Silicon Valley with her husband, David, spends most free time with power tools on DIY home projects, and is a proud San Diego State Aztec.

Travis is an expert in B2B revenue operations with over a decade of experience implementing top-of-funnel, pipeline generating strategies. He currently leads global operations for Snowflake’s Sales Development function, including responsibility for organizational planning, sales process definition, technology stack design, and all enablement programming. Previously, Travis led the consulting practice of SalesSource, where he built go-to-market strategies for some of software’s fastest growing companies including Zoom, Procore, and Unity Technologies. In his free time he advises startups, invests in real estate, and gets outdoors as much as possible. Travis is a proud Cal Bear and lives in Denver, CO with his wife Gentry.

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